Tumbalea’s trip to Mallorca is a wonderful opportunity for all our travellers to celebrate the big change of term after the last year of high school, offering a vast number of teenagers throughout Spain a trip they will never forget.

A unique experience in which they will forge new friendships with people from other schools and cities, in a festive entourage that contains entertainment and sporting events.

It’s a very complete trip that does not lack any kind of activity: starting with the great Amountoon Party on the boat to the island, marquees on the beach with sports tournaments, evenings in the coves, Tumbalea’s Holi Wave party, trips over the island with Rekrea, disco nights, concerts, boat parties, pool parties… Tumbalea is more than a trip, it is a community of young people and we want you to keep the best memories of your trip, which starts long before sailing.

Tumbalea throughout the year in your city

Events organized throughout the year in your city

These can be sponsored or self-organized. Travellers can start meeting each other and finding out what awaits us in our great journey.

Tumbalea’s sports tournaments

Celebrated in cities with the most Tumbalea travellers, we organize futsal, 7 on 7 football or volleyball tournaments.


We offer travellers a series of products. By selling them, they could considerably lower the trip’s final cost.

Special offers, raffles, and contests

Through Tumbalea, travellers can have access to continued initiatives oriented to the enjoyment and benefit of teenagers with different collaborating brands.

Additional information

Personalized support

If you have any questions or needs, all travellers and parents have at their disposal several telephone numbers of customer service, so they can get in direct contact with the agency.

Full staff

MMore than 70 Tumbalea’s staff members go to the island during June to liven the trip and help with every traveller’s need.

Traveller’s supervision and help

During June, thousands of students travel to Mallorca, most of them underage, and given this trip’s traditional nature, all of Mallorca is adapted to an underage public. Discos, restaurants, hotels… all of them will be at their disposal, as well as the full Tumbalea staff, whom they can always count on.

Contact methods

We are always available through our website’s Contact section, as well as through the group’s salesperson, who will supervise every aspect of the trip.

Cancellation clause

One of the greatest concerns, as well as the economic part, is the possibility of cancelling the reservation and getting the refund of the paid amount. To cover that need, we offer all travellers a cancellation clause, by which the refund conditions are far more beneficial regarding the general trip’s conditions. We recommend a revision of the conditions while booking the trip or in the Documentation section of the Client Area. You will find all the information needed about this issue there, since this section is just an introduction.

Some of its advantages: