How do I book a trip?

As a traveller, you need to register on our website, select Access and Tumbearte as a new traveller. You must enter your Personal Information and book the trip with your group and chosen transport (ship or plane). You will need to select if you want to take the cancellation clause and click on Confirm.

How do I get my payment information document?

Go into the client area, access My Reservations and click on your trip management to Mallorca 2019. You will see your payment history, then click on Pay Now and select your payment method on the new page that will open.

If you want to pay by bank transfer or deposit, by selecting the corresponding box a document with your payment information will automatically download. It includes your personal information, the amount to pay, the account number to which you will have to make your deposit or transfer and the tracking number of your payment.

Will I receive confirmation?

Once Tumbalea has validated your payment a confirmation will be sent to the traveller’s and the person of contact’s e-mail addresses.

Keep in mind that this is not an automated process and there might be a delay of several days before your payment confirmation arrives.

The total amount is divided into how many payments?

The trip is divided into four payment periods, which will be October, December, February, and April.

If you want to hire the cancellation clause you must select it during the reservation and the first payment.

If you wish to acquire the Personal Medical Assistance, you can include it in the second payment.

How do I cancel a reservation?

Go into your client area, access My reservations and click your trip’s management to Mallorca 2019. In the lower left corner, after Payments, you will see a cancellation section. Fill in the form with the required data and send it. You will automatically receive an e-mail confirming the reception of your application.

How do I change my personal information?

Once you have accessed your client area, you will see a Profile section with all your personal information. If any piece of information is wrong or if you need to modify anything, let us know through and we will proceed with the change. Keep in mind that the information must always be the traveller’s.

Do I need to print my tickets to travel?

With Tumbalea, you needn’t worry about anything. We will provide you with all the documentation the first day of the trip. You only need to show up to your group’s meeting point with the desire to have fun and your valid ID.

What are the special offers?

Tumbalea works with different companies and brands, from which you can benefit from being a Tumbaler. Access your personal Special Offers section and check out all your different options.