¿About us?

Tumbalea is a community of young people , with a desire to travel and relate to each other. Thanks to our clients’ demands, in a short period of time, we have become a leading travel agency in young people’s leisure on a national level.

Being a young enterprise founded by young professionals allows us to better understand our clients and to offer them added values on what really matters to them: music and sport that materialise in several unforgettable experiences, such as trips, concerts, championships or shows.

Young people’s leisure is widely spread and requires more attention, better services, and more added values. Applying these three premises to our trips makes us grow every year far beyond our competitors, earning the trust of thousands of teenagers.

Tumbalea is the most experienced company in organizing end of the school year trips to Palma de Mallorca, as well as trips for students of all ages with different destinations.

The trust and satisfaction of thousands of clients and our unstoppable desire to improve ourselves will make this season our biggest success yet.